Daily inspection claim


With the Carrier implementing PSR on the railroad it has caused a reduction in mechanical forces and our members are being required to do the daily inspections on the locomotives. When you are required to perform a daily inspection while mechanical forces are available, you should file a basic day penalty claim (130 miles) for doing the locomotive inspection where there are mechanical forces on duty.


Locomotive Inspection Claim;

Claim 130 mile basic day account being instructed to perform a daily inspection when another craft, from the mechanical department, was available to do the work. Instructed by (name) to perform inspection on (train ID) on (date) at (location of train) when mechanical forces where available to perform this task. This is a violation of Side Letter #7 of the 1986 National Agreement and NRAB Award # 12120.

There is a new claim code in the BLET e-claims system. Locomotive inspection with mechanical forces available.




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