Long pool Crews –710 freeway closure


A stretch of the 710 Freeway through East Los Angeles will be closed for nine weekends starting this Friday while Caltrans works on a pavement replacement project.

The northbound lanes of the Long Beach Freeway will be closed between the 5 and 60 freeways, starting Friday at 10 a.m. until Monday at 4 a.m.

The closures will start this weekend and last through the weekend of Dec. 16-19.

Four weekends during this period are exceptions when the lanes will remain open: Oct. 7-10; Oct. 28-31; Nov. 11-14 and Nov. 25-28.

The work involves placing 747 concrete panels, that each range in size between 14 feet and 47 feet wide, along the two right lanes of the northbound 710, according to Caltrans spokesperson Lauren Wonder.

She noted that detours will be available, but local streets in the area will likely get clogged.

“There will be a local street detour but if you have 100,000 vehicles on those local streets you are going to have major gridlock on the local streets,” Wonder said.

More information about the closures, as well as advice about potential detours, can be found on the Caltrans website.

Union meeting today September 20 2016 1030 am



Please join us for our regularly scheduled meeting for September.  Today at 1030 am.

We have lots to discuss

Scheduled Z trains

Pod pool cancelation?

Round trip earnings for the re31 pool.

Lunch will be served following the meeting.





Teamsters joint council 42

981 corporate center drive

Pomona ca 91768

Cell phone detectors are on , and functioning In LASU!


 We have warned you about cell phones for over two years. The cell phone detectors are on and operating in the LASU. our first two charges will come this week.

Let me explain how this works, your cell phone sends a signal out, it sends a signal for the inward facing camera to turn on….your done. a nice crystal clear color picture of you and your conductor.

download (15) download (13)download (14)  download (12) download (6)


Stay off your phone If you want to continue to work here….PERIOD!

Union meeting tomorrow

Union meeting tomorrow

Please try and attend our regular monthly meeting for May

Tomorrow Tuesday May 17 2016 @ 1030 am.





Teamsters joint council 42

981 corporate center drive

Suite 200 Pomona Ca

joint council

New SSI Rule 2.21


 please read and Familiarize yourself your new SSI particularly 2.21


Today we received the new SSI that will go into effect on May 2, 2016. In looking at the changes I found one that will impact us and our past practices.  

Please review Rule 2.21 Electronic devises.  The major parts that you need to know about the change are as follows.  

Personal Electronic devices must be powered off with any ear piece removed from the ear, and properly stowed while ON DUTY.

After conducting a safety briefing with all crew members and agree the limited use of the device is safe to do so.  Cell phone can only be use for voice communication (no texting, social media, etc )

An operating employee may use an electronic device when:

1. Deadheading in a non controlling unit or automobile.

2. In a crew room to update rules or other documents specified in SSI Item 7-A or other required company provided electronic media only.

We used to be able to use a cell phone while on duty in a crew room.  The way the rules department has outlined rule 2.21 this will no longer be allowed.  When coming on duty your device must be stowed away and turned off.   We are communicating this change in an effort to spread the word as quickly as possible..


click on link below to dowload