Cornerstone Insurance must enroll by 01/30/15



 Cornerstone insurance has extended their enrollment  period that was due to close 01/15/15. Please take a look at the information and rates (provide below) all you need to be eligible is to be a active member of the western lines BLET (pretty good for you older guys) pays on day 8 for injury, pays on day 15 for sickness

life insurance up to 250,000 with no pre-existing condition limitations. check it out our next meeting is Tuesday  jan 20 @ 1030 we will have a conference call or a webinar with a Representative from cornerstone who can answer all of your questions.


please call  Danielle  Harrison           cell  915-526-2863

email –



Cornerstone-Assurance-Group logo


UP Western Lines Paperwork Presentation & Rate Guide


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