Stopping short of Derails

Brothers & Sisters,

 Please ensure you are complying with rule 8.20. It requires that you stop

at least 100 feet short of fixed derails. This is a level 4 violation and your

local MOP/MTO is just waiting for you to violate this rule. We were all

taught in order to be a good Engineer you don’t make the Conductor walk

any further than he has to…..well, those days are over!… stop well beyond

100 feet and explain to your conductor that you are saving both of your

jobs. In my opinion Its ridiculous that running over

the derail and pulling to close carry the same

charge, but that’s the UP WAY!


8.20:Derail Location and Position

Employees in train, engine, and yard service must know the location of all fixed derails. Train or engine moving on or entering tracks where fixed derails are located, must stop at least 100 feet from derail in derailing position. Movement must not continue until the derail is placed in the non-derailing position. However, the distance restriction will not apply in engine servicing areas.

Do not make a movement over a derail in derailing position.

Siding having hand-thrown derails will have derail locked in the non-derailing position, except when engines or cars are left unattended on siding. On auxiliary tracks other than siding, except when derails are placed in non-derailing position to permit movement, make sure they are always in derailing position regardless of whether cars are on the track they are protecting. Lock all derails equipped with a lock.

Derails that are used in conjunction with worker protection   must be in the derailing position with proper flag displayed only when their use is required for such protection. When their use is not required for protection:

  • Remove portable derails, then remove flag.


  • Lock fixed derails in non-derailing position with an effective locking device, then remove (take down) flag.


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