Union Pacific has served us with the 7 day notice for Yuma and Yermo

Brothers and Sisters,

 We have been served the notice from UP that they intend to advertise the NEW runs (it sure is interesting that they now call them new runs)  from the arbitration award  . Yermo to West Colton home terminal Yermo and Yuma to West Colton home terminal Yuma.

the magic number is March 24 2014.  Just because they have the ability to advertise these runs doesn’t mean they will advertise both right away. We fully expect Yermo to be advertised as soon as they possibly can. who knows with Yuma.

That being said if your comfortable with your current job stay on it. You do not have to bid to a run just because you live close. 

THE NOTICE > YumaYermoWC notice

I heart yermoYUMA-BORDER-300x257


***REVISED *** It is officially Yermo Only at this time!

THE SECOND NOTICE  Yermo revised (1)


Thought you might enjoy this tidbit from city data

Default beware of yuma!

I saw some of you were planning to move to Yuma. I have tried on several occasions to move there since 2002. I was lied to about promised employment. I couldnt find work of any kind. I went home broke. In 2004 I tried again. I was kidnapped this time in broad daylight. Thrown down a boulder filled hill. My cellphone was stolen, and a diamond ring. I was drugged, threatened daily, beaten up, and raped. I escaped by miracle. I was nearly dead after weeks of torture. I went home with post traumatic stress disorder, depression, and night terrors. For 2 years I tried my best to get the police to do something. At least question the “man” who did this to me. I had his name, address, phone number, etc, They would not even question him. I lost my 11 year relationship over this hellish nightmare. I cannot strongly recommend everyone to stay away from Yuma. I even got parasites from the recycled waste water my kidnapper made me drink!!! There are many nice cities in Arizona, Yuma is not one of them!


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