Teamsters national day of action



The Teamsters along with SEIU, CWA and a coalition of social justice groups will stand in solidarity with workers across the country for a national day of worker actions on July 20 to declare Black Lives Matter and to demand social and economic justice.

At noon on July 20 for 8 minutes and 48 seconds Teamsters employees will walk off their respective jobs.

However, As Railroad employees we fall under the Railway Labor act and this would be no different than any other non sanctioned wildcat stike or illegal Job action. We can not participate . we cant stop trains.

General Chairman Carr has contacted Rod Doerr and he said the UP would not allow us to participate and they would sue us if we did.

Now if you are not working and would like to join a local rally or march (hopefully with a mask on) there is a caravan of Teamsters leaving at 11am @ 5080 Obama blvd Los Angels Ca 90016

Screenshot_20200719-111304_Adobe Acrobat

Screenshot_20200719-113005_Adobe Acrobat





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