Reserve Boards recalled 01/28/20





The company continues to violate our agreements and the only way to combat this is by filing time claims. The railway labor act divides disputes into major and minor disputes and unfortunately for us this is an unfair system. However, it’s the one we have . I would like each member to start becoming proactive in claims…quit bitching about it and start submitting claims.


Road yard violations, when you get that train from yuma and you patch at train at wc , hostle power, handle any cars or engines not in connection with your own train. Show all movements in FRA and submit a claim

When taking a long pool train to ELA or shops and you handle any cars/engine’s not in connection with your own train . Road yard violation…submit a claim

The key is yard crews (that’s switchmen) must go on duty at that location and be on duty .

no hot water/showers/tables. This is also a good claim. Go to work at Oxnard, Kaiser, LATC etc . Fill out a claim every day you have no hot water, no shower, no tables.

Submit a claim

Carryalls to outside locations, gas is expensive your agreement provides that if your on a extra board and are called to dh to a outside location the company must provide you a van(for the first day of the assignment). You only have one on duty point. For example If you work at Commerce and are called to work Industry a van must be provided for the first day.

The same goes for Anaheim/Los Nietos/Mead if you work the Dolores extra board. Let the crew dispatcher know when they call you.

Get used to making multiple lines on your FRA no FRA it didn’t happen, you wont get paid

Do your job, protect your employment, and Protect your Agreement…..Engineers died for what you take for granted.








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