Yuma sub shutdown

The Yuma sub is shut down at this time. Equipment enroute to build back up. No ETA on when it will open at this time.

Update – between Mecca and Mortmar

Coachella Valley Water District estimates 5 to 6 hours to divert the water flow into the channel before we can begin to build up the tracks……..

10 trains on the subdivision immediately affected.  Crew Support has been notified to work with van vendors to gear up for additional demand over the next 36hr.

We are working on plans to drag out trains from Colton and go around the horn to park on the LA sub. Basin crews will be called to stage trains.

I will notify when we have an estimated opening time……….  

All calls shut off until ETO is established.



Rock showing up now water slowing to a manageable level. Starting the dirt work now.






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