Jp016 Re17 Pool


 I have had alot of questions regarding the RE17 pool. I apologize I’ve had alot of discipline to handle in the last week.

Bill Bowman (CMS Manpower) contacted me Wednesday August 15 to tell me they were going to add four (4) turns to the jp016 re17 pool Monday. Because this is a zeroed out pool they dont have to advertise just start pulling from the permanent bid list. 

The plan is to start with 4 turns and go from there , what you will be doing :

mostly ILBLB work going east and possibly patching long pool trains short on time coming west. You are under the Basin Flat Rate….However there are some Very Important Caveats in this agreement .


  • 1) if you go past MP 27.8 on the LA Subdivision, or 506.8 on the Alhambra Subdivision. you are entitled to a new BASIN day. 

  • 2) If you go past MP 482.9 going towards Gemco, you are entitled to a new BASIN day

  • 3) If you depart CP Alameda after 10 hours on Duty, you are entitled to a new Basin day.





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