Cell Phone “Sniffer”

From our UTU brothers….PUT YOUR PHONE AWAY!!


My office was proved the attached Picture of what’s called a Cell Phone “Sniffer” and these sniffers are currently being installed on CSX Locomotives at the Huntington Shops.

Essentially, if the cell phone detector picks up a signal, it informs the sniffer, which takes a picture of the inside of the cab to catch whoever is using their cell phone.

Please urge your members to protect themselves from discipline and/or FRA fines by complying with this FRA directive. Section (h) of the FRA “Findings and Order” in Emergency Order No. 26 reads in pertinent part:

“(h) Sanctions. (1) Any individual who willfully violates a prohibition stated in this order or uses any of the described devices without observing any of the restrictions stated in this order is subject to civil penalties under 49 U.S.C. 21301.

(2) In addition, such an individual whose violation of this order demonstrates the individual’s unfitness for safety-sensitive service may be removed from safety-sensitive service on the railroad under 49 U .S.C. 20111.”

The picture is of the sniffer. Cameras are not needed because they can pull your phone number, the number of the person you call or text and other information. 

Lets say you text a coworker who is on duty with an engine without a sniffer. The sniffer on your engine will get a delivery/ read receipt indicating that there phone is on as well. Now both of you could possibly be fired and/or fined up to $25,000.

We want our members to be aware of how the company is using technology against us. Please use this information to protect yourself and your coworkers.




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