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Volume 52  JANUARY, 1918  Number 1

A Good Report from Division 5 Los Angeles. Ca. Aug. IS. 1918.

Editor Journal: At Los Angeles, California,


the Southern Pacific boys are rather shy and our name and number are seldom seen in the Journal, but the members are doing good work just the same, and since June 1st have been too busy organizing to write.


Under a special dispensation from Grand Chief Stone, the Division started in on the 1st of June, with the assistance of M. E. Montgomery, A. G. C. E., and M. H. Dinsmore, C. E., A. S. Lockwood, J. J. Norton, William Blakeman, and others, to organize the Pacific electric motormen.


The first class initiated was 65 members; 128 taking the work during the first day.


We have initiated a total of 550 members since June 1st, and now have a total membership in Div. 5 of 800 members.


We think we have the distinction of being the largest Division of the Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers in the world, at the present time, and perhaps the distinction of initiating more men in sixty (60) days than any other Division.


We have now 95% of the Pacific electric men in the Order, and since organizing them have succeeded, through the assistance of Brother Montgomery, in getting 25 men reinstated, who were dis charged without cause.


Have also secured a raise of .02 cents per hour and have procured pay of $1.50 per day for “students breaking in, ” and a guarantee of at least $90.00 per month for all extra men,


with an agreement whereby disciplined men shall have a right of appeal to the highest officials of the company and if not satisfied, then are granted an appeal to a Board of Arbitration, appointed by the Federal Court. While we have said little in the columns of the Journal, we are doing things worth while here for which the organizing committee, with the Brothers who assisted them, are deserving of a great deal of credit.


Visitors to Div. 5 are always welcome, and any Brother finding himself in Los Angeles on Friday night is invited to make it a point to meet with us, and we will extend to him the glad hand and a welcome that only enthusiastic, active working Brothers can give.



Fraternally yours,

C. P. Johnson, Member Div. 5.



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