Cell Phones


Ive gotten calls from the DRO /MOP regarding phone usage lately. Please Stay off your phone. this is a indefensible act….Let the UP do their jobs! we bail them out way to much.


From: xxxx
Subject: 2.21 Electronic devices
Priority: Low
Sent: 01/05 11:13
Expiring: 01/12 11:03

I would like all of you review the rule on 2.21 Electronic devices and keep it memorized of when you can use your phone or tablet etc..

I have had to many Hits on this over the past 2 weeks from some members of the team.

You have a limitied amount of time when your first go on duty to up date your files on your smart phones, tables etc…

Once that time runs out, your considered to be in violation of the rule. Stay off the internet.

Deadheading allows you to use your device, if you travel from a different location to an outside area. Then your FRA TIE UP screen should refelct your DEADHEAD if you used the device in the van. If you dont show a DH to your train outside of your terminal, then you would be in violation. Report your deadhead.

If your walking around the tracks talking on the phone, this would be a violation. Stop and think of where to use the phone. train must be stopped, no safety related activites, etc..

Best practices would be keep it off.

Please remember to turn off autolog on and turn on airplane mode, this also causes issues.







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