Should we Eliminate the basin rate on road switchers and pools?

BLET Division 56 is having a joint meeting tomorrow which will include General Chairman Hannah. please try and make it if at all possible. There are a faction of people who think eliminating the basin rate of pay would be a good idea. what say you?

1902 Orange Tree Ln. Suite 120

 Please invite your members attend an all Union local (BLET and UTU/SMART) meeting at our office on 11-13-15 at 12:00.
We have many items to discuss concerning the Los Angeles service unit and the trend we are moving towards. 
1. Cancel the Flat rate on Basin (Tabled from October meeting) this is actually misleading they will be discussing eliminating the basin rate of pay…this would include road switchers. this would require a referendum vote.
it would also completely change the way we work in Los Angeles
2. Jury duty problems
3. Cancelation of the starts agreement by the Company (10-14-15)
4. Pool Regulation Line/paid miles
5. Reserve board
6. Furloughed employees

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