RG Negrete



A fellow Brother, retired engineer Ruben G. Negrete, is ill and in the

hospital with cancer.

He was an SP fireman (June 1976) & engineer (April 1977) for twenty years,

before coming over to Amtrak in February 1997. He worked out of Oakland and

LA for the SP, and out of Oakland and Sacramento for Amtrak. He was also a

former President of Division 144 – Amtrak.

I am requesting your help as presidents of divisions that may have former SP

employees, to spread this info to your division members. I am simply looking

for old friends of Ruben’s who might have the time to visit or send him a


He is currently at the VA Hospital in Los Angeles, at 11301 Wilshire

Boulevard. It’s right off the San Diego Freeway (I-405) in West LA. He is in

ward ‘3 South’.

If anyone can go and visit I am sure it would boost his spirits to see old

friends from the SP.



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