C.E. Poxon




Brothers and Sisters;

 The Los Angeles Service Unit lost one of our finest, C.E. Poxon (Cece)

 Cece hired out with SPRR 05/05/78, retired with a disability on 09/05/05

 Cece passed away Monday June 24th 2014, after losing her battle with cancer.


 Cece’s family is planning a celebration Sunday July 13th at her

sisters home in Pasadena. The celebration will begin at 6pm with a

 presentation At 7pm,  followed by dinner. I’m sure everyone that knew Cece

 has a Colorful story or two to tell, she was fun to work with, a great Engineer

 And above everything a Great person…she will be missed.


1755 Homet Road, Pasadena, Ca 91106 – 6pm Sunday july 13th 20 

homet rd


C.E. Poxon


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