Claim for no Chairs

Brothers and sisters,

We have had a couple of complaints regarding  chairs ( or the lack of )  when you are trying to read your track warrants , this is a claim. as a matter of fact its a basic day. If you encounter this please put in a claim.

Claiming a basic day on account there were no chairs/showers/hot water/lockers(which ever it may be) available in the Dolores/East LA/ Gemco/Yuma locker room on (date) as per article 33 section 13 BLET SP west agreement


ARTICLE 33, SECTION 13 SECTION 13. At terminals specified in Section 1, Article 13, the Company will provide wash and change room facilities, including lockers for clothes, showers, hot water and tables and chairs so that required reports may be made out and Company correspondence answered. These facilities will be maintained in usable condition. ARTICLE 13, SECTION 1 SECTION 1. An engineer is understood to have reached the terminal of a trip when he reaches the division terminal at which engine crews are usually changed, or arrives at the established terminal of his train, as shown by assignment, and having done so and proceeding further with same train, or being sent out on another trip or train, he is, in either case, understood to have begun another trip. When an engineer is called for service on other than assigned runs, he will not be run through terminals except when no engineer entitled to the service is available. When run through, he will begin another trip upon leaving such terminal. The points shown below constitute all division terminals at which engine crews are usually changed as defined by this section: El Paso Lone Pine (San Joaquin Division) Lordsburg Bakersfield Nogales Fresno Tucson Tracy Phoenix San Francisco Yuma Watsonville Junction Roseville San Luis Obispo Sparks San Jose(Western Dist., Pool No. 1 only) Imlay Oakland Carlin Wendel Montello Dunsmuir Ogden Ashlad Mina Klamath Falls Indio Roseburg Los Angeles Eugene Santa Barbara Portland (passenger service only) Tillamook Colton Coos Bay Alpine Bakersfield Bend Dalhart Delores Dunsmuir El Paso Elko Fresno Klamath Falls Lathrop Lone Pine Lordsburg Los Angeles Mina Nogales Oakland Oakridge Oroville Pecos Phoenix Portola Pratt Roseville San Francisco San Jose San Luis Obispo Santa Barbara (passenger service only) Sparks Stockton Tracy Tucson Vaughn Watsonville Junction West Colton Wendel Winnemucca Yermo Yuma (Yuma West Colton and Bakersfield- West Colton engineers only) NOTE: The Roseville, Los Angeles and Southwest Hub agreements show all division terminals where engine crews are usually changed in pool freight service.


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