Reserve Board update



 Lots of (mis) Information going on out there. The Company has started putting reserve boards on in other locations ( El Paso), which in the past means at some point we will have one. We do not have a timetable. Could be tomorrow, could be next week, could be next year. we also dont know if they will have one in LA and one in WC.


however the last two reserve boards have only been @ sp760


This is the most recent information I have in Talking to General Chairman Carr this morning





BLET 5 horsehead (2)

Daily inspection claim


With the Carrier implementing PSR on the railroad it has caused a reduction in mechanical forces and our members are being required to do the daily inspections on the locomotives. When you are required to perform a daily inspection while mechanical forces are available, you should file a basic day penalty claim (130 miles) for doing the locomotive inspection where there are mechanical forces on duty.


Locomotive Inspection Claim;

Claim 130 mile basic day account being instructed to perform a daily inspection when another craft, from the mechanical department, was available to do the work. Instructed by (name) to perform inspection on (train ID) on (date) at (location of train) when mechanical forces where available to perform this task. This is a violation of Side Letter #7 of the 1986 National Agreement and NRAB Award # 12120.

There is a new claim code in the BLET e-claims system. Locomotive inspection with mechanical forces available.



Reserve Board Claims



 As most of you are aware the company has started furloughs. Currently we have 29 furloughed ( #1146 through #1188 roster 320401) with 41 in OK status behind them . plus a new class starting training now.


In order to have a valid claim for the engineers reserve board, you must have a permanent bid in (meaning you are willing to be picked up) the dates in red will have to be tailored to your specifics


Please write the claim as follows;


Claiming earnings of the engineers reserve board 2630.84 a half from 06/01/19 to 06/15/19.  29 trainmen are furloughed in Los Angeles Ca (or Colton depending where you work) , borrowed out or hidden from seniority roster # 320401. there are 29 positions that should have been established by bulletin per Agreement. see Western Lines, core agreement, article 3, section 11 (a) and the 2004 Engineer Compensation and Utilization Agreement side letter #4  29 trainmen cutoff and or furloughed from seniority roster  # 320401 these earnings are in addition to any other earnings account failure to advertise 29 positions and per CBA’s and the request of local Chairman Paulo Tortorice.


1991 SPWL Local Agreement Article 3 Section 1(a)

Engineer Reserve Boards

(a) (1) The Company will establish reserve boards for engineers on Southern Pacific (Western Lines), including former Pacific Electric and EP&SW.

2004 Compensation and Utilization Agreement Side Letter #4

“This has reference to our discussions in connection with Articles VII and VIII of the Memorandum of Agreement (“Agreement Modifications – Engineer Compensation and Utilization”), dated May 13, 2004, and, specifically our discussions regarding Agreement provisions pertaining to Engineer Reserve Boards.

The parties acknowledge Engineer Reserve Boards were established pursuant to the 1991 “Local Agreement” on the Southern Pacific Western Lines. (The 1991 Agreements consisted of both “System Agreements” and “Local Agreements.” The “Local Agreements” were negotiated and implemented for each individual Southern Pacific General Committee and therefore should not be confused with Section 10 of Article 30 of the Agreement.”

Reserve Boards were historically established when the Carrier cut trainman/yardman workforce levels to a point where an affected trainman/yardman could not hold a position within his or her seniority district and/or was furloughed. In such circumstances, one Engineer Reserve Board position would be established for each trainman/yardman furloughed.

This letter will confirm the parties’ understanding one engineer Reserve Board position will be established when a trainman/yard man is furloughed as a direct result of the demotion of an engineer to train service or when an engineer is demoted and there are preexisting furloughed trainmen. Nothing in this understanding shall, however, modify existing requirements regarding the filling of engineer positions prior to Reserve Board positions and/or rules governing the ebb and flow between engine and train service.

Finally, the parties agree applicable Agreement provisions governing the establishment and administration of engineer reserve boards will apply to the Roseville Hub. This agreement is made without prejudice to the parties’ position regarding this matter.”



 1128 108800 111218   000497436 LOPEZ        R     LA  Z0        LB    CX809    
 1129 108820 111218   000497459 WATSON       ML    LA  LA        OK    CX650    
 1130 108840 121718   000497751 SISNEROS     SJ    LA  Z0        LB    CX809    
 1131 108860 121718   000497750 RUBIO        T     LA  LA        RE UR SP760    
 1132 108865 121718   000498040 SPERLING     JL    LA  LA        LB    SP760    
 1133 108870 121718   000479478 BARRETT      DJ    LA  Z0        OK    SP760    
 1134 108875 121718   000497773 ARIAS        AD    LA  Z0        LB    CX809    
 1135 108880 121718   000497545 REICHARDT    KA    LA  LA        EA LB SP760    
 1136 108890 121718   000498026 SALTOS       M     LA  Z0        LB    SP760    
 1137 108900 121718   000497761 THOMPSON     DE    LA  LA        LF L5 CX809    
 1138 108920 121718   000496227 HUNTER       CJ    LA  Z0        EA LB CX809    
 1139 108925 121718   000497544 NAVARRETE TO A     LA  Z0        LB    SP760    
 1140 108930 121718   000498039 TSATURYAN    A     LA  LA        LF L5 CX809    
 1141 108940 121718   000497749 TAPIA        JA    LA  LA        EA LB SP760    
 1142 108960 121718   000497453 BARNES       BS    LA  Z0        EA LB SP760    
 1143 108980 121718   000497541 ZASTOUPIL    KA    LA  LA        OK    CX650    
 1144 108990 121718   000497752 FLYNN        BC    LA  LA        LB    CX650    
 1145 109000 121918   000490168 LYLES        DJ    LA  LA        LB    SP760    
 1146 109005 122118   000486477 LOERCH       JR    LA  LA        FG TN SP760    
 1147 109010 011419   000498713 PATI         V     LA  LA        FG TN CX809    
 1148 109015 011419   000493164 MARTINEZ     JG    LA  LA        LF L5 SP760    
 1149 109020 011419   000498585 GARCIA       HG    LA  LA        FG TN SP760    
 1150 109025 011419   000498583 HIGAREDA     SJ    LA  LA        FG TN SP760    
 1151 109030 011419   000498984 ANTOV        AM    LA  LA        FG TN CX809    
 1152 109035 011419   000498718 MONK         JE    LA  LA        LF L5 CX809    
 1153 109060 011419   000498723 GALINDO      PJ    LA  LA        FG TN SP760    
 1154 109080 011419   000498622 CONTRERAS    JC    LA  LA        FG TN SP760    
 1155 109100 011419   000497756 LOPEZ        BM    LA  LA        FG TN CX809    
 1156 109110 011419   000498976 GOSS         WR    LA  LA        FG TN SP760    
 1157 109115 011419   000498709 MAGGIO       ST    LA  LA        FG TN CX809    
 1158 109140 011419   000498582 HERZOG       JT    LA  LA        FG TN SP760    
 1159 109150 011419   000498986 SHEARER      JK    LA  LA        FG TN CX650    
 1160 109160 011419   000498848 VAZQUEZ      AW    LA  LA        FG TN CX809    
 1161 109180 011419   000498557 FREDERICKS   A     LA  LA        RE UR SP760    
 1162 109190 011419   000498980 HUGGINS      EA    LA  LA        LD LC SP760    
 1163 109200 011419   000498595 BERGSTO      JW    LA  LA        LF L5 SP760    
 1164 109240 021119   000498978 WILLIAMS     C     LA  LA        FG TN SP760    
 1165 109245 021119   000499129 MENDOZA      MM    LA  LA        FG TN CX809    
 1166 109250 021119   000499177 BORRMANN     WP    LA  Z0        LA HM CX809    
 1167 109255 021119   000499138 OKONJI       DJ    LA  LA        FG TN SP760    
 1168 109260 021119   000487162 CARTAYA      JE    LA  LA        EA LB CX650    
 1169 109270 021119   000498985 MACEN        P     LA  LA        LF L5 CX809    
 1170 109280 021119   000498979 KENNEDY      DW    LA  LA        FG TN SP760    
 1171 109300 021119   000499148 ACEVES       JA    LA  LA        LF L5 SP760    
 1172 109310 021119   000498726 SALVATORE    NA    LA  LA        FG TN CX809    
 1173 109320 021119   000499326 ESPINOZA     A     LA  LA        FG TN CX809    
 1174 109330 021119   000499175 CLARK        CM    LA  LA        LF L5 SP760    
 1175 109340 021119   000499137 HARRELL      KJ    LA  LA        FG TN SP760    
 1176 109350 021119   000498977 ALVAREZ      J     LA  LA        FG TN CX809    
 PSTR389                       UNION PACIFIC                      DATE: 06/04/19
 OTER935                  SENIORITY ROSTER LISTING                PAGE: 025     
 ROSTER: 320401 LA HUB BKM DOVETAILED                                           
    HUB:    ZONE:    HUB:    ZONE:    HUB:    ZONE:    HUB:    ZONE:            
    HUB:    ZONE:    HUB:    ZONE:    HUB:    ZONE:    HUB:    ZONE:            
  INACT: N CIRC7:          BOARD:      BEGIN SEQ:           EMP#:               
SPCL-STATUS: (    -    -    -    -    -    -    -    -    -    -)               
DISP  ACT    REF      EMPLOYEE                   CURRENT  PRIOR   CURRENT      
 1177 109360 021119   000499118 LAMBERT      JR    LA  LA        RE UR SP760    
 1178 109370 021119   000499132 RUIZ         KC    LA  LA        FG TN CX809    
 1179 109380 021119   000498994 OCAMPO       RB    LA  LA        FG TN CX650    
 1180 109390 021119   000499130 BAEZ         NA    LA  LA        FG TN CX809    
 1181 109393 030419   000499644 PENA         A     LA  LA        FG TN CX809    
 1182 109400 030419   000499648 URIBE        A     LA  LA        FG TN SP760    
 1183 109405 030419   000499640 COOPER       B     LA  LA        FG TN SP760    
 1184 109410 030419   000499661 LEE          A     LA  LA        FG TN CX809    
 1185 109420 030419   000493365 VAUGHAN      RA    LA  LA        LF L5 CX809    
 1186 109440 030419   000446639 JACKSON-GROS JM    LA  LA        LF L5 CX809    
 1187 109460 030419   000499790 LAMAS        G     LA  LA        LF L5 CX809    
 1188 109500 030419   000498854 RANGEL       MA    LA  LA        FG TN SP760    
 1189 109550 061019   000500949 CARTER       CS    LA  Z0        OD    CX809    
 1190 109570 061019   000500995 APPLEWHITE   JW    LA  Z0        OD    CX809    
 1191 109580 061019   000500623 MCKENZIE JR  VL    LA  Z0        OD    SP760    
 1192 109590 061019   000499715 COX          CA    LA  Z0        OD    CX809    
 1193 109610 061019   000500644 STRAIN       LL    LA  LA        LF L5 CX809    
 1194 109640 061019   000500619 HOWELL       N     LA  LA        RE UR SP760    
 1195 109648 061019   000500950 FERNANDEZ    AA    LA  Z0        OD    CX809    
 1196 109650 061019   000500615 MEDINA       JM    LA  Z0        OD    SP760    
 1197 109655 061019   000499294 SCHMIDT REYN A     LA  Z0        OD    SP760    
 1198 109663 061019   000500645 GONZALES     GM    LA  Z0        OD    SP760    
 1199 109665 061019   000499698 MATA         JA    LA  Z0        OD    SP760    
 1200 109670 061019   000500642 AVITIA       EF    LA  LA        IP SU SP760    
 1201 109680 061019   000499641 BAPAT        A     LA  Z0        OD    CX809    
 1202 109700 081219   000468290 WHITE        J     LA  LA        OK    CX809    
 1203 109720 081219   000470013 RAMIREZ      AL    LA  LA        OK    CX809    
 1204 109740 081219   000501506 BAINES       GS    LA  LA        OK    CX809    
 1205 109750 081219   000499791 ROICE        DT    LA  LA        OD    CX809    
 1206 109755 081219   000497762 RODRIGUEZ    RM    LA  LA        OK    CX809    
 1207 109760 081219   000501436 PAREDES      M     LA  LA        OD    CX809    
 1208 109765 081219   000501432 CAPETILLO    JI    LA  LA        OD    CX809    
 1209 109770 081219   000497552 VASQUEZ      AL    LA  LA        OK    CX809    
 1210 109780 081219   000501459 MEZA         D     LA  LA        OK    CX809    
 1211 109785 081219   000501435 GANDARA      RC    LA  LA        OK    CX809    
 1212 109790 081219   000501433 RAMOS        JE    LA  Z0        OK    CO470    
 1213 109805 081219   000501508 PARROTT      AR    LA  LA        OD    CX809    
 1214 109810 081219   000501437 STANLEY      NC    LA  Z0        OD    SP760    
 1215 109820 081219   000501434 MERAZ        LE    LA  LA        OD    CX809    
 1216 109840 090919   000501761 RILEY        SE    LA  LA        OS TT CX809    
 1217 109860 090919   000501707 PAGES        JA    LA  LA        OS TT CX809    
 1218 109880 090919   000501509 CELEYA       DR    LA  LA        OS TT CX809    
 1219 109900 090919   000501695 OWENS        DP    LA  LA        OS TT CX809    
 1220 109920 090919   000501711 LOPEZ JR     J     LA  LA        OS TT CX809    
 1221 109940 090919   000501692 HOWARD       FG    LA  LA        OS TT CX809    
 1222 109960 090919   000501505 GOUVEIA      MJ    LA  LA        OS TT CX809    
 1223 109980 090919   000501510 MARINOVICH   JS    LA  LA        OS TT CX809    
 1224 110000 090919   000501698 PARTIDA      JA    LA  LA        OS TT CX809    
 1225 110010 090919   000501706 MORAN SR     A     LA  LA        OS TT CX809    
 PSTR389                       UNION PACIFIC                      DATE: 06/04/19
 OTER935                  SENIORITY ROSTER LISTING                PAGE: 026     
 ROSTER: 320401 LA HUB BKM DOVETAILED                                           
    HUB:    ZONE:    HUB:    ZONE:    HUB:    ZONE:    HUB:    ZONE:            
    HUB:    ZONE:    HUB:    ZONE:    HUB:    ZONE:    HUB:    ZONE:            
  INACT: N CIRC7:          BOARD:      BEGIN SEQ:           EMP#:               
SPCL-STATUS: (    -    -    -    -    -    -    -    -    -    -)               
DISP  ACT    REF      EMPLOYEE                   CURRENT  PRIOR   CURRENT      
 1226 110020 090919   000501696 RIVERA       EJ    LA  LA        OS TT CX809    
 1227 110040 090919   000501718 CRAWFORD     EJ    LA  LA        OS TT CX809    
 1228 110060 090919   000501694 LERMA        MV    LA  LA        OS TT CX809    
 1229 110070 090919   000501699 DIAZ         JR    LA  LA        OS TT CX809    
 1230 110080 090919   000501760 DELANGIS     JR    LA  LA        OS TT CX809    

The Trump administration is withdrawing a proposal for freight trains to have at least two crew members


BY MATTHEW BROWN, Associated Press



BILLINGS, Mont. (AP) — The Trump administration said Thursday it was withdrawing a proposal for freight trains to have at least two crew members, nullifying a safety measure drafted under President Barack Obama in response to explosions of crude oil trains in the U.S. and Canada.

A review of accident data did not support the notion that having one crew member is less safe than multi-person crews, Department of Transportation officials said. The withdrawal also seeks to pre-empt states from regulating crew sizes.

The 2016 proposal followed oil train derailments including a runaway oil train in 2013 that derailed, exploded and killed 47 people while levelling much of the town of Lac Megantic, Canada. Other derailments of trains carrying oil and ethanol have occurred in North DakotaOregonMontanaIllinoisVirginia and other states.

Under Obama, regulators concluded that having two or more crew members would be worth the extra cost even if it prevented a single accident.

The rail industry, which long maintained that crew requirements were unnecessary, cheered Thursday’s move.

But a representative for a rail workers union said it would put the public at greater risk by removing a safeguard against accidents. Most trains currently operate with at least two crew members but without a government regulation there’s no guarantee that would continue indefinitely.


“If railroads would start running single person operators, there’s nobody up there to interact to make sure everything is done right,” said John Risch, legislative affairs director for SMART Transportation Division, a rail workers union.

“The government has essentially said we’re not going to provide any oversight whatsoever. Whatever the railroads want to do, they can do,” Risch said.

The Federal Railroad Administration said in a statement that the rail industry has “maintained a strong safety record in the absence of regulation on this issue.”

The statement also said a crew staffing rule would have would have been “an unnecessary obstacle” to future innovation in the industry.

Thursday’s withdrawal marks the latest rollback since President Donald Trump took office of safety rules adopted under Obama in the face of opposition from the energy and transportation industries.

The administration this month eased inspection requirements for offshore oil and gas drilling put in place after the deadly 2010 BP Deepwater Horizon explosion and oil spill. And transportation officials had earlier rescinded a requirement for more advanced electronic brakes for trains hauling crude and other hazardous fuels.

Railroad company representatives said the withdrawn crew rule would have locked them into crew sizes at a time when the industry is expanding the use of new technologies such as positive train control. Those are computer-based systems that can automatically stop trains to prevent accidents caused by high speed or collisions.

“Allowing railroads the flexibility to adjust their operations to reflect the capabilities of technologies like PTC (positive train control) will help advance railroads’ mission to achieve an accident-free future,” Association of American Railroads President and CEO Ian Jefferies said.


April Union Meeting Tomorrow April 16 1030 am


 Please join us tomorrow for the April Meeting Tuesday April 16 2019 1030 am.

Brother Duran has procured an insurance representative who is offering income protection.

please join us, lunch will be provided after the meeting.


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