Union Pacific Coronavirus Actions & Assistance from Labor Relations


This is a letter sent out by the head of Labor Relations Rod Doerr today. Ive highlighted the really amusing parts in red. Please be safe and screw their attendance policy, If your sick stay home. do whats best for you and your family.





Union Pacific understands that there is concern among its employees regarding the novel coronavirus (COVID-19). Union Pacific takes these concerns seriously. While the risk of contracting the virus in the United States is still considered low(fun fact only Washington state and NY have more cases than CA….so I call BS ), the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) warn that this situation is evolving and likely to continue changing. To minimize the impact of COVID-19 on its employees, Union Pacific has already taken certain actions and plans on taking more. The actions employees can assist are described below.


Union Pacific has updated its Pandemic & Natural Disaster Planning website to provide extensive information on COV-19 and the Company’s policies. A link to that website is provided below, but there is also a link on the UP Employee’s Homepage. This website is the best way for employees to receive up to date COVID-19 information and the Company’s actions in response as letters and emails will not remain relevant for long. Please encourage your members to check this site often since it will be updated frequently.

As we all know, Union Pacific is critical to the nation’s ability to respond to the pandemic.  We are critical infrastructure to interstate commerce that serves businesses and municipalities throughout this country.  We transport food, chemicals that clean our water supply, medical supplies, and basic essentials along with consumables. Our ability to serve the public will in large measure will affect the nation’s ability to meet the challenges and quickly recover from this unprecedented event.

Actions Taken

Union Pacific has updated its Pandemic & Natural Disaster Planning website to provide extensive information regarding COVID-19, the Company’s policies and actions, and any other relevant information. In particular, there is a FAQ section that employees will find useful in answering questions they may have. There is a link to the website on the UP Employee’s Homepage, but can also be found at this address: http://home.www.uprr.com/e/operating/safety/PandemicandNaturalDisasterPlanning/index.htm. This website will be updated frequently to provide the latest information.

•        Mr. Lance Fritz, Union Pacific’s President, Chief Executive Officer, and Chairman of the Board, is co-chairing the Business Roundtable CEO COVID-19 Task Force(im sure that will help us all…while hes having a meeting were in a petri dish). This national effort provides Union Pacific unparalleled information and resources to the latest information provided by the Federal Government and business leaders around the Union States.

•        The Company developed a relationship with the University of Nebraska Medical Center (UNMC) a number of years ago providing us access to doctors and staff at the National Bio Containment Center. These doctors are on retainer for consultation purposes.

•        The Company developed a Pandemic Response Protocol with assistance from UNMC.  A Pandemic Planning Team (Team) has been activated as part of the protocol. Members of this team include health and safety professionals. This Team is responsible for collecting, analyzing and developing responses to the most current information from various sources. The Team is currently working closely with the various relevant government agencies and public health organizations and thoroughly evaluating next steps. The Pandemic Response Protocol can be found in the Coronavirus section of the Pandemic & Natural Disaster Planning website.

•        Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) information is available by speaking with your manager. Company Mangers are stockpiling this material, which may take some time due to limited inventory from suppliers.( please ask your manager for said stockpiled material)

•        Travel restrictions have been initiated. No employee is authorized on company business to travel abroad or domestically without prior approval by Senior Management. The Travel Policy and any subsequent updates can be found in the Coronavirus section of the Pandemic & Natural Disaster Planning website and UP’s Homepage.

•        The new TE&Y Attendance Policy as did the prior Policy remains unchanged as it relates to sickness.( literally the next sentence ) Union Pacific does not want anyone to report to work while ill. One employee in each Operating Region (Senior Director of Operations Support) has been approved to grant “points” relief when an employee reports illness with proper medical documentation. Further an employee has been appointed to address illness related attendance issues in Engineering / Mechanical along with non-Operating Departments.

Note: With the recent announcement by the CDC, where employers have been notified not to anticipate “doctors notes” for employees due to the strain of administrative burdens on the health care system, your members should call the HMS Nurse Hotline (Fitness for Duty line) to complete the intake survey at 402-544-7011 or speak with their local OHN for related questions.

•        In-Cab Disinfectant is being used in the locomotive toilet rooms and control stand / conductors desk.(let me know when you find it)  The latest research indicates the virus can survive only hours on hard surfaces.  Employees are asked to further wipe down these surfaces with wipes provided through the OrrBit Safety Supplies Application or your manager.  Further, locomotives are being equipped with a bottle of an antimicrobial solution (Clorox solution) that will be available for crew use to further disinfect surfaces.  These bottles will start appearing in locomotive cabs as long as supplies last.

•        We anticipate communities will issue forms of travel restrictions / curfews in the days to come.   We are working to obtain a letter from officials with the Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) that would allow the bearer of such a letter to traverse curfew lines / access company property due to our “Critical Infrastructure” designation.  The attached letter should suffice with local government and law enforcement officials until the FRA letter is issued.

Requested Assistance

Please remind your members that the CDC and the World Health Organization recommends the following personal protection techniques:

•        Avoid close contact with people with acute respiratory infections.
•        Wash hands frequently and use hand sanitizer, especially after direct contact with ill people or their environment. The CDC recommends washing hands often with soap and water for at least 20 seconds. If soap and water aren’t available, use an alcohol-based sanitizer.
•        Use antiseptic wipes on shared areas — such as computers, hand scanners, doorknobs, locomotive cabs and tools — before and after use. These wipes may be ordered by way of the Safety Supplies OrrBit App for TE&Y.  For other crafts see your local manager.
•        Avoiding touching your eyes, nose, and mouth with unwashed hands.
•        Covering your nose and mouth with a tissue when you cough or sneeze. Place the tissue after use in a resealable bag or used drinking bottle before discarding to prevent further spread of the virus.
•        People with symptoms of acute respiratory infection should maintain distance, cover coughs and sneezes with disposable tissues or clothing, and wash hands frequently.
•        If you or a family member is experiencing symptoms of respiratory illness, please contact your physician for guidance.

Finally, if one of your members is sick, remind them to stay home.

Union Pacific will continue to monitor the COVID-19 outbreak and keep you informed via the COVID-19 link on the Union Pacific Online page.  Further, Union Pacific’s Health and Medical team can be reached through the Employee Service Center to answer your questions.

By working together and following prevention practices and, most important, by showing consideration for others, we can all help maintain a healthy workplace.




Rod Doerr
VP Labor Relations
Union Pacific Railroad



COVID-19 and short term disability


A message from cornerstone insurance.

In these unprecedented times, we understand that your members will need our help navigating this period of extreme uncertainty.  We are here, fully staffed, and ready to answer their call.  We have already received many calls from your members concerned about how their Life and Disability coverages through your GCA Voluntary Plan will handle a COVID-19 (Coronavirus) related sickness or death. It is important that all of your currently participating members understand their Life and Disability coverage DOES cover COVID-19 in the event they contract the virus and cannot work (to include being quarantined after being diagnosed with COVID-19) or die as a result of the virus.  

Furthermore, for any of your members that are NOT currently participating, we are happy to announce that elipsLife is offering a One-Time Special Open-Enrollment where all members have the opportunity to add or increase Life Insurance and enroll in Disability coverage on a guaranteed approved basis.  This special open-enrollment is NOW OPEN and will remain open through April 30, 2020 and coverage will be effective on May 1, 2020.

While the spread of COVID-19 (Coronavirus) continues to be a rapidly evolving situation there is one thing I can say for certain….we will get through this.  Stay positive and please continue to look out for one another.

Best Regards,

Andrew Haley







March Union Meeting


Tomorrows Union meeting is postponed Indefinetely. in light of the COVID-19 virus that going around. Its best not to have multiple people in a confined space.

Please brothers be vigilant about washing your hands , and disinfecting the locomotives, crew rooms, carralls etc as best possible.


If you have any questions please call me.




Reserve Boards recalled 01/28/20





The company continues to violate our agreements and the only way to combat this is by filing time claims. The railway labor act divides disputes into major and minor disputes and unfortunately for us this is an unfair system. However, it’s the one we have . I would like each member to start becoming proactive in claims…quit bitching about it and start submitting claims.


Road yard violations, when you get that train from yuma and you patch at train at wc , hostle power, handle any cars or engines not in connection with your own train. Show all movements in FRA and submit a claim

When taking a long pool train to ELA or shops and you handle any cars/engine’s not in connection with your own train . Road yard violation…submit a claim

The key is yard crews (that’s switchmen) must go on duty at that location and be on duty .

no hot water/showers/tables. This is also a good claim. Go to work at Oxnard, Kaiser, LATC etc . Fill out a claim every day you have no hot water, no shower, no tables.

Submit a claim

Carryalls to outside locations, gas is expensive your agreement provides that if your on a extra board and are called to dh to a outside location the company must provide you a van(for the first day of the assignment). You only have one on duty point. For example If you work at Commerce and are called to work Industry a van must be provided for the first day.

The same goes for Anaheim/Los Nietos/Mead if you work the Dolores extra board. Let the crew dispatcher know when they call you.

Get used to making multiple lines on your FRA no FRA it didn’t happen, you wont get paid

Do your job, protect your employment, and Protect your Agreement…..Engineers died for what you take for granted.








Christmas Meeting December 17 2019

Brothers ,

 Please join us for the end of the year meeting. It will be held at Teamsters Joint Council #42 on Tuesday December 17 2019 @ 1030.

General Chairman Brian Carr will be there to answer your question

Lunch will be provided Immediately following the meeting at Wood Ranch Chino Hills.


Wood Ranch Chino Hills
Shoppes at Chino Hills
3335 Grand Avenue
Chino Hills, CA 91709

909) 203-5500

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Thank you to all who were able to make it, for those brothers who were not we missed you.

Vacations 2020


 We have finished 2020 vacation scheduling for City of Industry,

Dolores/ICTF and Gemco. West Coltons should be posted tomorrow.


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